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miRNA+mRNA+DNA Methylation Analysis

Based on the advanced technology platform, Creative Proteomics provides miRNA / mRNA / DNA methylation sequencing services, and offers integration analysis of miRNA-mRNA-DNA methylation. We can provide one-stop service from experimental design, sample detection, independent omics data analysis to comprehensive analysis to meet various research needs.

Why Do miRNA-mRNA-DNA Methylation Integration Analysis?

The integrated miRNA-mRNA-methylationome analysis is a systematic two-level approach to investigate the molecular mechanisms of miRNA regulation of gene expression and DNA methylation regulation of gene expression. The algorithm is used to predict miRNA target genes, and simultaneously combine with miRNA expression profile, mRNA expression profile and DNA methylation expression profile to find the key miRNAs and their corresponding target genes as well as the methylation levels of the corresponding promoter regions of both; through the regulatory relationship between miRNA-mRNA-methylation, a relationship network was constructed to explore the mechanism of miRNA involvement in various complex events from the systems biology level.

Our Integrative Analysis Services of miRNA-mRNA-DNA Methylation

Creative Proteomics provides you with miRNA / mRNA / DNA methylation sequencing services. In addition, we provide integrative analysis services for miRNA-mRNA-DNA methylation, seamlessly connecting your experiments to provide powerful insights into the evidence of complex life activity mechanisms.

Bioinformatics Analysis

  • GO functional enrichment analysis of methylation-associated genes
  • KEGG functional enrichment analysis of methylation-associated genes
  • Association analysis of differential methylation with differential miRNAs
  • Association analysis of differential methylation with differential genes

Sample Requirements

  • Sample type: cells, tissues, body fluids, serum, plasma, whole blood, total RNA, total DNA, etc.
  • Total RNA > 60 μg, concentration ≥ 400 ng/μL
  • DNA >10 μg, sample concentration > 50 ng/μl, OD260/OD280=1.8-2.0

Delivery Content

Creative Proteomics will provide you with a detailed report, including:

  • Raw sequencing data
  • Related analysis software and parameters used
  • Graphs obtained from the integrated analysis

Our Advantages

  • Extensive experience
  • One-stop service
  • Powerful analytical capabilities
  • Customized analysis mode

Creative Proteomics relies on advanced platforms and cutting-edge technologies to provide omics services to customers around the world, and provide accurate and detailed analysis reports. In addition, we also provide multi-omics integrated analysis services. If you want to know more, please contact us, Creative Proteomics can be trusted.


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