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Translationomics Sequencing

Relying on advanced sequencing systems and cutting-edge technologies, Creative Proteomics provides ribosome nascent-chain complex sequencing and ribosome profiling sequencing services (Ribo-seq and RNC-seq) to customers worldwide, aiming to help you study the mechanisms of translation regulation in biological processes such as bio-resistance, virus invasion, tumorigenesis and development.


Translationomics Sequencing

Translationomics is mainly used to study all elements involved in the translation process, such as the mRNA being translated, regulatory RNAs, nascent peptide chains and various translation factors. The translationome in a narrow sense mainly refers specifically to the mRNAs that are participating in the translation process. Its appearance allows the intermediate process from RNA to protein to be presented, serves as a bridge connecting transcriptomics and proteomics, significantly increases the correlation between RNA and protein, reveals the transmission process and regulatory mechanism of genetic information more accurately, and provides technical support to elucidate the reasons for the difference between transcript abundance and protein abundance and analyze the process pathway of genetic information from nucleotides to amino acids.

At present, translationomics sequencing research mainly includes RNC-seq (Ribosome Nascent-chain Complex sequencing) and Ribo-seq (Ribosome profiling sequencing).

Our Translationomics Sequencing Services

Relying on advanced technology platform, Creative Proteomics provides global customers with one-stop translationome services from sample extraction, library construction, sequencing to bioinformatics analysis, including Ribo-seq and RNC-seq. in order to study the level, region, and rate of gene translation in cells. In addition, we can also provide integration analysis services of Ribo-seq /RNC-seq with other omics such as transcriptome, small RNA sequencing, and proteomics, in order to study post-transcriptional regulation and translational regulation mechanisms more precisely.

  • RNC-seq (Ribosome Nascent-chain Complex sequencing)
  • Ribo-seq (Ribosome profiling sequencing)

Bioinformatics Analysis

  • Data quality control.
  • Mapping to the reference genome.
  • Gene expression level analysis.
  • Translational level differential gene screening, clustering analysis, GO/pathway enrichment analysis.
  • Translation Ratio (TR) analysis (transcriptome data required).
  • GO/KEGG enrichment analysis of differential TR genes.
  • Customized analysis (circRNA translation analysis, Small ORF (uORF/dORF, lncRNA, etc.) translation analysis, integration analysis of Ribo-seq /RNC-seq with proteome (proteome data required), integration analysis of Ribo-seq /RNC-seq with m6A-seq)

Sample Requirements

  • Cell samples ≥ 1×106 (cell samples should be pretreated with Harringtonine and cycloheximide, then liquid nitrogen flash frozen and shipped on dry ice)
  • Animal tissues ≥ 200 mg, plant tissues ≥ 400 mg

Delivery Content

Creative Proteomics will provide you with a detailed report, including the principles of bioinformatic analysis, the images and tables obtained, and the software and parameters used, etc.

Our Advantages

  • High-end equipment and scientific management
  • Scientific protocol design, strict quality control management
  • Powerful analysis capability, customized analysis mode
  • Rich project experience, high quality project service

Creative Proteomics relies on advanced platforms and cutting-edge technologies to provide omics services to customers around the world, and provide accurate and detailed analysis reports. In addition, we also provide multi-omics integrated analysis services. If you want to know more, please contact us, Creative Proteomics can be trusted.

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