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Proteome Services


Relying on advanced sequencing technology platforms and molecular experimental platforms, Creative Proteomics provides you with high-quality and comprehensive proteome services, covering qualitative proteomic analysis, quantitative proteomics analysis, protein post-translational modifications (PTMs) analysis, targeted proteomics, to help you perform protein quantification, protein modification, and interaction effect research of protein-RNA / protein-protein, etc.

The proteome is the sum of all proteins expressed in the genome of a cell, tissue or individual organism. Proteomics is devoted to the qualitative and quantitative study of all proteins in the proteome, including protein expression, cellular localization, protein interactions, post-translational modifications, and protein turnover processes on time scales, spatial scales and behavioral characteristics and dynamic processes in different cell types.

In recent years, proteome research technology has been applied to various life science fields, such as cell biology, neurobiology, etc. In terms of research objects, it covers the range of prokaryotic microorganisms, eukaryotic microorganisms, plants and animals, and involves various important biological phenomena, such as signal transduction, cell differentiation, protein folding and so on. In the future development, the research field of proteomics will be more extensive.

Our Proteome Services

Creative Proteomics provides you with one-stop proteome services, including experimental design, protein detection and bioinformatics analysis, aiming to provide solutions for your proteomics. According to the main technology, we can mainly provide the following proteomics services, including but not limited to:

Why choose us?

  • Experienced: Creative Proteomics has many years of experience in proteomics research and development, and has rich experience in protein extraction and processing.
  • High quality and precise service: professional mass spectrometry experts monitor the entire production process to ensure accurate and reliable experimental results; professional bioinformatics analysis team provides you with comprehensive bioinformatics analysis services.
  • Low price and short cycle: Creative Proteomics provides customers with high-quality and efficient proteomics services at the best market price in the shortest time, helping you effectively save experimental costs.
  • Seamlessly connect downstream experiments: Creative Proteomics can also provide follow-up molecular biology verification services.

Service Workflow

For proteome services, we followed the basic workflow shown below.

Service Workflow of Proteome Services -Creative Proteomics

Creative Proteomics relies on advanced platforms and cutting-edge technologies to provide proteome services to customers around the world, and provide accurate and detailed analysis reports. In addition, we also provide multi-omics integrated analysis services. You can discuss with our technical engineers to customize solutions or build new methods to meet your specific needs. If you have any questions, you can tell us through the inquiry form, and our technicians will communicate with you. Please don't hesitate to contact us, Creative Proteomics can be trusted.

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