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Targeted Proteomics

Relying on advanced sequencing systems and cutting-edge technologies, Creative Proteomics uses its self-built high-throughput mass spectrometry platform to provide one-stop services for targeted proteome analysis, including method establishment and optimization, selection of specific peptides, isotopic labeling of peptides, mass spectrometry analysis, raw data analysis and bioinformatics analysis. There are mainly MRM (multiple reaction monitoring) and PRM (parallel reaction monitoring) quantitative proteome analysis technology platforms. To help you conduct sophisticated proteome research, welcome free consultation.


Targeted Proteomics

Targeted proteomics targeted selection of ions for mass spectrometry data acquisition enables analysis of large numbers of samples with better accuracy, sensitivity, and reproducibility. Targeted proteomics can be applied to systems-level studies of post-translational modifications, protein conformation, protein-protein interactions, dynamics / metabolism, and signaling pathways. Targeted proteomics quantitative technology mainly includes MRM (multiple reaction monitoring) and PRM (parallel reaction monitoring).

Applications of targeted proteomics analysis

  • Validation of the results of untargeted proteomic studies.
  • Perform absolute quantitation studies on multiple proteins / peptides simultaneously.
  • The study has a high degree of homology, but lacks changes in protein families that specifically recognize antibodies.
  • Quantitative studies of protein post-translational modifications.
  • Absolute quantitative study of biological disease targets.

Technology Platforms of Our Targeted Proteomics Services

  • MRM (multiple reaction monitoring)
  • PRM (parallel reaction monitoring)

Advantages of Our Targeted Proteomics Services

  • 2 platforms for your flexible choice.
  • High sensitivity, through two-stage mass spectrometry, ions consistent with the target ions are selected, interfering ions are eliminated, the signal-to-noise ratio is greatly improved, and the accuracy of the detection of target ions is improved.
  • High throughput, can identify more than 200 proteins at one time.
  • Absolute quantitative analysis can be performed without relying on antibodies.
  • High-precision identification of low-abundance proteins with a quantitative range spanning 4 orders of magnitude.

Service Workflow

For targeted proteomics services, we followed the basic workflow shown below. At the same time, Creative Proteomics has developed a variety of new sample preparation technologies, and we will adjust the experimental methods and optimize the experimental conditions according to the different properties of the samples.

Service Workflow of Targeted Proteomics -Creative Proteomics

Bioinformatics Analysis

The analysis content of various platforms of targeted proteomics is different. For detailed bioinformatics analysis, please consult our technical engineers. Basically as follows:

  • Spectral analysis, protein data quality assessment.
  • Sample PCA analysis.
  • Identified protein functional annotations: GO / KEGG / COG functional annotation.
  • Statistical analysis of differentially expressed proteins: venn diagram, volcano plot.
  • Differentially expressed protein cluster analysis: hierarchical clustering, K-means clustering.
  • Differential protein interaction analysis: protein interaction network analysis based on STRING database.

Sample Requirements

  • Regular tissue ≥ 200 mg
  • Plant sample ≥ 200 mg
  • Cell samples ≥ 5×106
  • Plasma, serum ≥ 200 µL
  • Urine ≥ 1 mL, stool ≥ 200 mg
  • Culture supernatant ≥ 1 mL
  • Bacteria and fungi ≥ 5×106

Creative Proteomics provides detailed targeted proteomics services, please contact us for more information. We deserve your trust.

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