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Quantitative Proteome Analysis

Relying on advanced sequencing systems and cutting-edge technologies, Creative Proteomics provides global customers with quantitative proteome analysis services. We provide one-stop service for protein extraction, mass spectrometry detection and data analysis, to help you conduct refined proteome studies.


Quantitative Proteome Analysis

Dynamic changes in intracellular proteome abundance have important implications for life processes. For example, the occurrence and development of many diseases are often accompanied by abnormal expression of certain proteins. Quantitative proteomics is the precise identification and quantification of all proteins expressed in a genome or all proteins in a complex mixed system.

At present, quantitative proteomics technology is mainly divided into 2 quantitative strategies: label and label-free. The label strategies are further divided into in vivo labeling (SILAC) and in vitro labeling (iTRAQ, TMT).

It can also be divided into data independent acquisition (DIA) and data dependent acquisition (DDA) according to the data acquisition mode.

Applications of quantitative proteome analysis

  • Changes in protein expression in samples under different treatments and different physiological / pathological states
  • Protein regulatory network research
  • Disease marker screening
  • Action mechanism research
  • Research on plant stress resistance
  • Drug target research
  • Special function protein screening

Our Quantitative Proteomics Services

  • Label-free quantitative proteome
  • Label quantitative proteome
    • SILAC
    • iTRAQ
    • TMT
  • DIA
  • DDA

Advantages of Our Quantitative Proteome Analysis Services

  • Multiple platforms for your flexible choice.
  • Professional detection and analysis capability: strict quality control system, together with ultra-high resolution detection system and professional data pre-processing and analysis capability, ensure reliable and accurate data.

Service Workflow

For quantitative proteome analysis services, we followed the basic workflow shown below. At the same time, Creative Proteomics has developed a variety of new sample preparation technologies, and we will adjust the experimental methods and optimize the experimental conditions according to the different properties of the samples.

Service Workflow of Quantitative Proteome Analysis -Creative Proteomics

Bioinformatics Analysis

Type Analyze content
Standard bioinformatics analysis
  • Protein identification and quantification
  • Protein functional annotation (GO, KEGG, COG / KOG)
  • Advanced protein annotation (protein domain analysis, transcription factor analysis, subcellular localization analysis)
  • Differential protein analysis (differential gene screening, differential comparison volcano plot, differential comparison heat map)
  • Functional enrichment analysis of differential proteins (GO / KEGG / DO / Reactome)
  • GSEA analysis (GO / KEGG / DO / Reactome)
Customized bioinformatics analysis
  • Proteome-transcriptome association analysis
  • Protein interaction network analysis
  • For other analysis content, please contact our technical engineers to discuss and evaluate

Sample Requirements

Different technical platforms have slightly different sample requirements, please consult our technical engineers for details.

Sample type Sample requirements (/group of samples)
Protein extract > 300 μg, concentration > 4 μg/μL
Cell sample > 107
Tissue sample Animal tissue > 100 mg; Plant tissue > 500 mg
Body fluid samples Blood volume > 100 μL; Urine >10 mL; Saliva > 1 mL
Microorganism Fungus ≥ 400 mg; Bacteria ≥ 200 mg

Creative Proteomics provides detailed quantitative proteome analysis services, please contact us for more information. We deserve your trust.

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