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Integrative Analysis of RNA-seq and BS-seq

Based on the advanced technology platform, Creative Proteomics provides DNA methylation sequencing (BS-seq: WGBS/RRBS) and transcriptomics sequencing (RNA-seq) services and integrated analysis of RNAseq-BSseq.

Why Do RNA-seq and BS-seq Integration Analysis?

DNA methylation is a very important form of epistatic modification. It is involved in heterochromatin formation, transposon silencing, regulation of gene expression and imprinted gene genesis. Therefore, there is a complex regulatory relationship between DNA methylation rate and gene expression. Integrative analysis of gene expression and DNA methylation can provide insight into whether there is an overall correlation between DNA methylation modifications and RNA expression in a sample; which genes in the sample are affected by DNA methylation modifications in transcriptional expression, and what functions these genes all have. Common areas of research include: (1) studying the growth and development process, especially during periods of dramatic changes in DNA methylation modifications such as seed/embryo development; (2) studying changes in epistatic modifications during disease resistance/resistance; (3) speculating the impact of epistatic modifications in disease susceptibility genes and pathogenesis.

Our Integrative Analysis Services of RNA-seq and BS-seq

Creative Proteomics provides you with DNA methylation sequencing (BS-seq: WGBS/RRBS) and RNA-seq services. In addition, we provide integrative analysis services of BS-seq and RNA-seq, seamlessly connecting your experiments to provide powerful insights into the evidence of complex life activity mechanisms.

Bioinformatics Analysis Process and Content

Bioinformatics Analysis Process and Content

Delivery Content

Creative Proteomics will provide you with a detailed report, including:

  • Raw sequencing data
  • Related analysis software and parameters used
  • Graphs obtained from the integrated analysis

Service Process

Service Process

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional bioinformatics analysis. Creative Proteomics has a strong bioinformatics team that can meet a variety of in-depth data analysis needs of our clients, and can also provide integrated analysis services for multi-omics.
  • One-stop service. Customers only need to provide samples, and Creative Proteomics will complete the full-service process from sample preparation, library preparation, high-throughput sequencing / Mass detection to bioinformatics analysis, as well as integrated analysis of multi-omics.
  • Tailor-made personalized analysis content. Customized information analysis content can be negotiated in conjunction with the client's needs.

Creative Proteomics relies on advanced platforms and cutting-edge technologies to provide omics services to customers around the world, and provide accurate and detailed analysis reports. In addition, we also provide multi-omics integrated analysis services. If you want to know more, please contact us, Creative Proteomics can be trusted.

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Creative Proteomics, your unparalleled center of excellence in sequencing, mass spectrometry, and bioinformatics analysis platforms, is elevating the landscape of research. Our seamless integration of these cutting-edge capabilities ensures that clients receive extraordinary multi-omics joint analysis services.

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