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Creative Proteomics has established a complete and cutting-edge technology platform, and with the development of technology, it is still constantly updated and updated to the forefront with the trend. At present, we have 4 platforms: experiment platform, mass spectrometry platform, sequencing platform and data analysis platform.

Our experimental platform has good experimental conditions and suitable scientific research environment, and is equipped with professional experimental technicians. The platform is mainly responsible for the extraction and preparation of experimental samples, library preparation and other experiments, providing customers with more professional, personalized and high-quality technical services.

The sequencing platforms include MGI platform, llumina sequencing platform, Nanopore sequencing platform, PacBio sequencing platform and BioNano enzyme digestion map platform. They each have advanced gene sequencing systems that are flexible, fast, and ultra-high-throughput. The 5 platforms balance the cost, quality and efficiency of sequencing.

Mass spectrometry platforms include timsTOF Pro, Orbitrap Exploris 480, Orbitrap Fusion Lumos, Q Exactive/HF/HF-X, QTRAP 6500+, Triple TOF 5600+, Xevo G2-XS, TQS, etc., covering orbitrap, time of flight, triple quadruple stage rods and multiple mass spectrometer systems with various ion sources and fragmentation modes. Equipped with a high-efficiency sample preparation and molecular separation platform, it can realize proteomics, peptidomics, metabolomics research and target molecule detection at industrial scale and scientific research level.

The data analysis platform has several large-scale bioinformatics supercomputing centers, with the central task of realizing ultra-large-scale bioinformatics computing. It has the ability to provide stable and efficient resource guarantee for the storage, processing and analysis of massive bioinformatics data. And it is also continuously improving its high-performance computing and cloud computing service capabilities to provide innovative solutions for massive data processing.

Creative Proteomics, your unparalleled center of excellence in sequencing, mass spectrometry, and bioinformatics analysis platforms, is elevating the landscape of research. Our seamless integration of these cutting-edge capabilities ensures that clients receive extraordinary multi-omics joint analysis services.

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