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Small RNA Sequencing

Relying on advanced sequencing systems and cutting-edge technologies, Creative Proteomics provides Small RNA sequencing and analysis services to customers around the world, aiming to discover, identify and quantify the genome-wide miRNA profiles of any species, and advance the research on miRNA functions.


Whole Transcriptome Sequencing

Small RNA is an endogenous non-protein RNA with a length of 18-30 nt, which exists in almost all organisms, mainly including miRNA, piRNA and siRNA. It is an important regulator of life activities and participates in many life processes, such as cell proliferation, apoptosis, fat metabolism and cell differentiation. Therefore, it also plays an important role in the process of gene expression, biological ontogeny, metabolism and the occurrence of diseases.

Applications of small RNA sequencing and analysis:

  • To study post-transcriptional regulation of genes.
  • Study gene silencing.
  • Small RNA target analysis and regulatory network.
  • Research on biological processes such as gene expression, ontogeny, metabolism and disease occurrence.

Advantages of Our Small RNA Sequencing and Analysis Services

  • The experimental period is short, the efficiency is high, the cost is low, and the quality is reliable.
  • Rich experience: Professional technicians have many years of experience in small RNA sequencing and analysis, and can assist in designing experimental plans, optimizing experimental conditions, and solving experimental problems.
  • Featured analysis service: A professional bioinformatics team and analysis service system can provide you with standard analysis and advanced analysis. At the same time, personalized small RNA sequencing solutions can also be developed according to actual.

Service Workflow

For small RNA sequencing of experimental samples, we followed the basic workflow shown below. At the same time, Creative Proteomics has developed a variety of novel sample preparation techniques, and we will adjust the experimental methods and optimize the experimental conditions according to the different properties of the samples.

Service Workflow of Small RNA Sequencing -Creative Proteomics

Sample Requirements

Sample Type Requirements
Total RNA (complete and free of contamination) ≥ 10 μg, concentration: ≥ 200 ng/μL; RIN ≥ 8.0, OD260/280 = 1.8-2.2, OD260/230 = 1.0-2.5.
RNA from special samples,
such as serum/plasma or co-immunoprecipitation
≥ 50 ng, concentration ≥ 1 ng/μL. Impurities such as protein are required to be less contaminated and do not affect normal PAGE separation.
Small RNA (< 200 nt) ≥ 1μg, concentration ≥ 20ng/μL.
Fresh animal and plant tissue ≥ 1g
Cell samples ≥3x106 ~1x107. Lysed in lysis buffer and frozen for transport.
Whole blood sample ≥ 2 mL
Do not freeze and thaw repeatedly during sample storage. Please use dry ice for shipping.

Bioinformatics Analysis

Analysis type Analyze content
Standard bioinformatics analysis Raw data curation, filtering and quality assessment
Statistical analysis of the length distribution of 18-30 nt small RNAs
Alignment with reference genome
Repeat sequence alignment
Predict new miRNAs
miRNA abundance differential analysis
Annotation analysis
  • Small RNA taxonomic annotation
  • Known miRNA annotations
  • Known piRNA annotations
Advanced bioinformatics analysis Analysis of common / unique differential genes between groups
miRNA family analysis
Cluster analysis of differentially expressed miRNAs
miRNA target gene prediction
Target gene analysis (GO KEGG enrichment analysis)
miRNA and mRNA interaction analysis
Customized bioinformatics analysis Customized analysis solutions according to the requirements of customers and the characteristics of the species themselves.

If you are interested in small RNA sequencing, or you want to open up new research, you need to find a professional small RNA sequencing and analysis company for cooperation. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today, Creative Proteomics can be trusted.

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