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Whole Transcriptome Sequencing

Creative Proteomics provides whole-transcriptome sequencing and analysis services to quickly realize the interaction between various RNAs (mRNA, miRNA, lncRNA, circRN) in a sample, such as lncRNA regulatory mechanism prediction, lncRNA and mRNA co-expression analysis and competitive endogenous RNA (ceRNA) network analysis.


Whole Transcriptome Sequencing

Whole transcriptome is the sum of all transcripts, including mRNA and non-coding RNA (ncRNA), that can be transcribed in a specific species, tissue or cell type under a certain period or condition. The so-called whole transcriptome sequencing mainly detects mRNA and three ncRNAs (ie lncRNA, circRNA and miRNA). Through whole transcriptome sequencing, interaction analysis between various RNAs, co-expression analysis, and competitive endogenous RNA (ceRNA) network analysis can be achieved. CeRNA is one of the hottest topics in the field of transcriptional regulation, and the molecular mechanism of ceRNA can be systematically elucidated through whole transcriptome studies.

Applications of whole transcriptome sequencing and analysis:

  • Growth and development regulation (animal metamorphosis development, plant flowering, fruit development, etc.)
  • Environmental adaptation mechanisms (drought, salt tolerance, disease resistance, etc.)
  • Immune interactions (bacterial, fungal, viral infection)
  • Disease development research
  • Drug target research

Advantages of Our Whole Transcriptome Sequencing and Analysis Services

  • Complete and advanced platform.
  • Rich library construction experience, excellent library construction quality and complex sample processing capabilities.
  • According to the needs of customers, customized information analysis can be flexibly carried out.
  • Featured advanced analysis: lncRNA regulatory mechanism prediction, co-expression analysis of lncRNA and mRNA, integrated analysis of lncRNA, mRNA and circRNA, etc.

Service Workflow

For whole-transcriptome sequencing of experimental samples, we followed the basic workflow shown below. At the same time, Creative Proteomics has developed a variety of novel sample preparation techniques, and we will adjust the experimental methods and optimize the experimental conditions according to the different properties of the samples.

Service Workflow of Whole Transcriptome Sequencing -Genomics

Sample Requirements (Recommended)

  • Animal and plant tissue: fresh weight ≥ 1.8 g (effective tissue cell weight)
  • Fungus: wet weight ≥ 1.8 g (fungal entity, mycelium, spore powder, etc.)
  • Animal, plant and yeast cells ≥ 6×107
  • Fresh blood (anticoagulation) ≥ 2.25 mL
  • RNA: concentration ≥ 200 ng/µl, total amount ≥ 10 µg

Bioinformatics Analysis

Type Analyze Content Interaction Analysis
Reads distribution analysis Distribution of reads in known types of genes  
mRNA analysis Gene expression differential analysis
Trend analysis of differential expression Genes (DEGs)
GO enrichment analysis of DEGs
KEGG pathway enrichment analysis of DEGs
Protein interaction network analysis of DEGs
Exon expression differential analysis
Comparative analysis of lncRNA and mRNA
Interaction analysis of differential lncRNAs and differential target genes
Interaction analysis of lncRNA and miRNA
Interaction analysis of circRNA and miRNA
LncRNA analysis LncRNA differential expression analysis
Trend analysis of differential lncRNAs
GO enrichment analysis of LncRNA target genes
KEGG enrichment analysis of LncRNA target genes
circRNA analysis circRNA differential expression analysis
Trend analysis of differential circRNAs
CircRNA source gene analysis
GO enrichment analysis of differential circRNAs
KEGG enrichment analysis of differential circRNAs
miRNA analysis miRNA differential expression analysis
Trend analysis of differentially expressed miRNAs
GO enrichment analysis of miRNA target genes
KEGG enrichment analysis of miRNA target genes
Integrated analysis of mRNA+IncRNA+circRNA+miRNA Genome circle map analysis of mRNA+IncRNA+circRNA+miRNA
Visual analysis of common and unique differences between groups of mRNA+IncRNA+circRNA+miRNA
Co-expression network analysis of mRNA+IncRNA+circRNA+miRNA
ceRNA analysis

If you are interested in whole transcriptome sequencing, or you want to open up new research, you need to find a professional whole transcriptome sequencing analysis company for cooperation. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today, Creative Proteomics can be trusted.

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