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Untargeted Metabolomics

Relying on advanced sequencing systems and cutting-edge technologies, Creative Proteomics provides global customers with untargeted metabolomics services. We provide one-stop service for metabolites extraction, isolation, detection, identification and bioinformatics analysis to help you conduct metabolite studies.


Untargeted Metabolomics

The main idea of untargeted metabolomics is to compare experimental and control groups, to detect all metabolites in the samples, to obtain quantitative information and to screen for biologically significant metabolites between groups, which can provide clues for plant and animal growth and development, disease biomarker screening, drug development and so on. It can provide clues and directions for research on plant and animal growth and development, disease biomarker screening, drug discovery and development, etc.

Applications of untargeted metabolomics

  • Detection of complex metabolites in biological samples
  • Search for biomarkers of diseases
  • Validation and absolute quantitative studies of markers
  • Study of metabolic pathway mechanisms

Advantages of Our Untargeted Metabolomics Services

  • High throughput: it detects and analyses all metabolic signals in a sample at once.
  • Wide coverage: it can detect up to nearly 1,000 metabolites, covering a wide range of substances.
  • Low cost: simple sample pre-processing and relatively low cost.
  • Precise identification: high-resolution self-built library with multiple methods for identification.

Service Workflow

For untargeted metabolomics services, we followed the basic workflow shown below. At the same time, Creative Proteomics has developed a variety of new sample preparation technologies, and we will adjust the experimental methods and optimize the experimental conditions according to the different properties of the samples.

Service Workflow of Untargeted Metabolomics -Creative Proteomics

Sample Requirements

  • Serum, plasma ≥ 200 μL
  • Urine ≥ 500 μL
  • Tissue ≥ 200 mg
  • Cells ≥ 1 x 107
  • Cerebrospinal fluid ≥ 200 μL
  • Faeces and intestinal contents ≥ 150 mg

Recommended Biological Replicates

The number of biological repetitions required for each group of samples is as follows, the more repetitions the better.

  • Clinical samples ≥ 30 cases / group
  • Animal source ≥ 10 cases / group
  • Cell samples ≥ 6 cases / group

Bioinformatics Analysis

Type Analysis content
Standard bioinformatics analysis

Data quality control analysis (QC correlation analysis, total sample PCA analysis)
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of metabolites
Differential metabolite screening (PCA, PLS-DA, volcano plot)
Differential metabolite analysis (Venn plot, cluster heatmap, metabolite correlation analysis, Z-score analysis, pathway analysis, ROC analysis)

Advanced bioinformatics analysis

Weighted gene coexpression network analysis (WGCNA)
One-way ANOVA for multiple group comparisons

Customized bioinformatics analysis

Multi-omics integrated analysis
1. Correlation analysis (Pearson, CCA)
2. KEGG pathway association analysis
3. Network regulation analysis

Please contact our technical engineers to discuss and evaluate.

Creative Proteomics provides detailed untargeted metabolomics services, please contact us for more information. We deserve your trust.

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